A writer's heart speaks Published on: 19 Apr, 2023


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A writer's heart often speaks more,travels more and to a lighter side I would say disturbs more.In 2022 and few years back when I visited a small city Mahoba in the state of UPMP ,I never thought or dreamt of writing about the place.But to my own utter surprise , I was able to craft few songs if I count the number exceeded 20.

Anyhow,I don't know how this miraculous thing happened ,what I know is the anxiety,the intensity of emotions I felt before writing and after writing I had a wish to reach the people of the place.Somehow,I was able to reach out the convenor of Bundeli Smaj Mr Tara Patkar who is a Social activist and is fighting for the upliftment of his motherland and is determined to walk barefoot till his place gets medical facilities of a multi-speciality hospital to ease the health facilities for the people.

He and his team who are called Girakhguri team accepted my works with all grace and humility and after a year or so they called me to seek permission to compose a song over one of the song that is Parvat Parvat main chala ….. and they successfully did everything and the song is popularised in the area .People felt a belongingness perhaps with the song.

And today,I noticed a post on the Facebook,where a group of blind stars are singing this song on the beats of Dholak.

Truly,this effort of theirs touched my heart .God bless them all!I wish them greater success in their endeavours


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