Brand Consistency is Critical Published on: 03 Mar, 2022


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Unless top brands can maintain their consistency of user experience they will end up harming their long-term interests. 
Case in Point: Vistara Airlines
I've always valued Vistara for their subtle elegance and modern style befitting an international standard service provider. 
Vistara has usually had excellent cabin music, that is consonant with their pleasant and yet futuristic image -- varying from gentle Hollywood film themes to popular instrumental to jazz. This was also consistent with their appearance -- decor, in-house magazine presentation and the well-groomed crew.

However, travelling Delhi to Bangalore, today, I was shocked to notice that they have switched to soulful Hindi songs of the 50-60s, not the happy ones. Suddenly, for a few moments one had the jerky Shatabdi feeling. Even this would have been tolerable if the songs had been joyous, perkier and appealing or in Brian Silas type instrumental form. But, they were sad, loud and monotonous.  

However trivial, this cannot be an unconscionable decision because post-COVID this travel and aviation sector needs desperately to win back customers. In my view, this attempt to shape the Vistara image as a desi airline is not a good idea. They should continue to keep the music light and appealing. 

With Air India in Tata hands posing a challenge there would perhaps be a temptation to reach out to a larger audience. However, the key point is that a brand has to retain its distinctive identity. In trying to satisfy every segment, sometimes the core segment itself is lost. 





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