Equality - A cause of Inequality Published on: 05 Oct, 2021


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Equality, we all often talk and hear about equality. This revolutionary word, concept was brought by the ninth incarnation Buddha. He brought this by saying,"Everyone has the equal potential, what I have achieved (the enlightenment) everyone can achieve without exception."
But the world and its people could hardly understand this and they continued with their selfish and lowly pursuits.That's the reason perhaps there is suffering and delusion on the planet.
Let' s try to understand what equality means?Specially what do women mean when they speak and ask for equality. Because it is often said that noone is equal and noone can be equal, even the five fingers of the same hand are not equal.Then what equality we all are demanding.
The truth is that be it man. woman ,transgender or any other gender ,they all are diffrent in terms of appearance,behaviour, temprament,attitudes and this difference is God given. I don't think that anyone can ever change that.That's not in our hands.
We have to learn to accept and respect that difference that is the first step to equality. The right to human solidarity.
Secondly, the equality is not the competition or comparison or proving the superiority of any gender over the other rather again it is the matter of individual potential, attributes and capacities.
And the equality demand is for equal wages for  equal work, the right to do equal work with equal compensation and privileges, no discrimination on the basis of genders rather the right to work for any profile should be based on qualities, capabilities and potential.
Joss Whedon said,"Equality is not a concept.It is not something we should be striving for.It is a necessity.Equality is like gravity.We need it to stand on this earth as men and women.It is life out of balance and imbalance is sucking something out of the soul of every man and woman who's confronted with it.We need equality."
How rightly Joss Whedon has put up the concern.In the want of equality, we have started creating inequalities. We have actually forgotten we  were fighting for what cause and becoming the cause of unpleasantness unknowingly.


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