Noone is modern than Nature Published on: 07 May, 2023


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Shaving off the nature to show off modernity if that is the way of life,I am sorry to say then that we are not very far from our Dooms.
Once a scholarly hero said,"Nature has enough to fulfil everyone's need but it doesn't have enough to meet everyone 's greed"
Shaving off nature is in no way a Modernity rather it shows lack of sensibility.Nsture is another name of simplicity,beauty,ethnicity ,In my opinion, no one is more modern than nature itself.The reason is that the way nature changes ,the pace at which it changes,human mind can not even notice at that place For every season it has different colours,forms and fragrance.If we wish we can learn modernity from nature.
But see, nature doesn't shave off anything to show off beauty,it just let growth,it just gives space to everytime,everything,it just embraces, it just gives and contributes

Noone is modern than Nature
Nature thy name is modernity
For every season you are new 
For every weather you have forms so trendy
You change every blink at such a fast pace
I can't even notice and there is cloud after every sunshine and rainbows shine with every shower
From where do you get such amaze ideas
Noone is modern than Nature
Noone can be more modern than Nature
O! Nature thy name is ethos
Thy name is beauty and trends
You don't shave,you don't cut
Then how do you form 
Such beautiful forms
You are such a great wonder!
I often wonder 
Who is thy Magician?
Noone is modern than Nature
Jyoti Verma

 न काटती, न मांडती 
न सजती,न संवरती
फिर भी ऐ!प्रकृति
तुम कैसे, हाँ तुम कैसे
इतनी सुन्दर हो दीखती?

न काटती, न मांडती 
न सजती, न संवरती
फिर भी ऐ! प्रकृति
तुम कैसे,हाँ तुम कैसे
नित नए आकार हो ढालती ?

न काटती, न मांडती 
न सजती, न संवरती
फिर भी ऐ! प्रकृति
तुम कैसे हाँ तुम कैसे
आथुनिक नवीनता
की हो मिसाल बनी?
ज्मोति वर्मा


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