The Impact Of Empowering Women Published on: 11 Mar, 2022


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This Indian postal stamp was released on 10th March,1998 in recognition of Shrimati Savitribai Phule's (1831-1897) ,pioneering work for empowering Indian women during her time.Her work still impacts,inspires n empowers women India n elsewhere.

To hononor her, the Pune University has been renamed after her !

We Indians n especially women owe a gratitude to her pioneering work for empowering Indian women through education n social reforms.

It is all the more significant n remarkable as she was an illiterate woman who struggled initially to give wings to her dreams .

The inspiring story of India's first female teacher :

Savitribai Phule had a child marriage at the age of 9 when she was married to a boy Jyotirao Phule(aged 12).Her interest in learning propelled her husband to teach her reading n writing .She went to schools as well at Ahemadnagar n Pune.

She became the first female teacher in India n opened the first ever girls school in India in 1848 at Pune n that initially had 8 girls!

Those were the days when women were not allowed to step out of their homes n therefore her initiative had offended n antagonized lot of people.

On way to her school, people used to throw dirt, cowdung n stones at her.

She used to carry one extra sari so that she could wear a clean sari after reaching the school .

Today people do not know the names of the people who treated her inappropriately but people do remember Savitribai with great respect n gratitude .Because of her courage, conviction n self belief,she had 3 schools by 1851 having a total strength of 150 girls,a 50 times growth in just 3 years !

She had an adopted son that was delivered by widow n her adopted son Yeshwant was married with out any dowry n she had invited Yeshwant's financee for a home stay, so that she could be comfortable after marriage n she also encouraged her to study.

When Savitribai's husband died in 1890,she carried the mud pot herself n led the funeral procession.

Her last act of valour was, when she carried a 10 year old boy strapped to her back during plague pandemic of 1897,the boy recovered in the hospital but she contacted the infection n died.

Every educated Indian woman must feel indebted n grateful to this great lady whose one action 173 years ago changed the way the Indian women feel empowered today n r respected for their self confidence .

Do express ur feelings after reading this post because I m sure it must have impacted u in several ways.

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