When we are one with the Ultimate Power! Published on: 10 Jan, 2022


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Faith with conviction and determination often leaves us mesmerized. And we are forced to think are we or I the same person who was finding the position so helpless and now scaled the highest peak.

I really don’t know whether there is another world which we are not able to see with our worldly eyes but often I have felt its presence and working.

Such few things happened recently with me when I suddenly decided to visit Chitrakoot on Delhi Airport where I went to see off my nephew for Canada.Anyhow everyone in the family welcomed my decision but the condition was to travel alone. Anyhow I dared and we even asked few of our friends at the place to support and they too welcomed with a warm heart.

On December 25,2021 when we reached Kamadgiri and witnessed a long queue and the endeavours to make offerings by one person on behalf of two or three were being rejected by the pandits sitting there.Everyone with me asked me to  leave but I don’t know why,”I declared that I shall and I shall offer the offerings not just mine but for the other people with me as well.’

And exactly, when I reached my turn and I handed over my offerings one by one to the two pandits sitting over there and they didn’t get time to lift their eyes up and see that one person have handed them over with two offerings and smilingly they offered the two offerings to the Idol of Lord Kamtanath very pleasingly and returned it to me that too without noticing that both belong to me.
On another occassion, at Hanumaan Dhara, when I reached a point where 5 Rishis are sitting when I bowed to pay my tribute to them,my mind wished to feel their presence and I don't know whether it was some superstitious belief, my mind issue or what but I felt some light, I felt as if some orange color floated in the air ,I felt some energy but Yes,I have no tool to proove, no witness at all for all this. What I have is my feelings and I shared.
For all this time I felt happy. I had nothing too fear or think, I was just able to emjoy  what I was seeing whereas generally I am filled with every thought of the world.
Concluding I would like to say I had a call and I went and felt the bliss of the Divine Presence!



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