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New Question 26 Dec 2023

Q120 :

What numeral conundrum lies at the heart of LIV Golf, where the cryptic "LIV" signifies both a perfect particular score. What is this score?

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12 Dec 2023

Q119 :

During a significant military operation in 1971, an Indian naval strike inflicted heavy damage on the Pakistani Navy by successfully destroying three boats in a strategic port. Give the name of the operation and the port in which this historical event took place. How is this occasion commemorated?

Ans: Operation Trident, Port Karachi, Celebrated as Navy Day every year on December 4.

Contest Winners


16 Nov 2023

Q118 :

This ancient statesman established a great library that was burnt down many times in history and rebuilt each time, grander than before. What is this library, and who was the statesman reputed to have started it?

17 Oct 2023

Q117 :

Who set the record for the most consecutive birdies in a major championship round, and in which major did this historic achievement occur?

10 Oct 2023

Q116 :

Invisible to the naked eye in the normal course, the outer part of the sun is visible in what special natural circumstance?

03 Oct 2023

Q115 :

Name the bird that is different from its avian counterparts because it can fly backward.

21 Sep 2023

Q114 :

This labour economist was awarded the Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian award, in 1997. Name him.

14 Sep 2023

Q113 :

This explorer was the first European to sail across the Pacific Ocean and discovered a route worldwide. He died in the Philippines. Name him.

23 Aug 2023

Q112 :

A Harvard graduate, a top tennis player and a top politician who founded a famous international tournament. Name the player and the tournament.

17 Aug 2023

Q111 :

Born in Calcutta, India, this British novelist and author studied in Cambridge, and his most famous work caricatured English high society set in the early 1800s and was made into films and television serials. 

09 Aug 2023

Q110 :

A famous shoe company and a famous singer are embroiled in a legal battle these days about the misuse of a 100 USD million marketing corpus. Name them.

18 Jul 2023

Q109 :

With what substance can the phrase “fifth” be associated? 

28 Jun 2023

Q108 :

Which reputed sporting event held annually in a part of North America has events like Four Man Carry, Drop the Bomb, Toe Kick, Seal Skinning, Greased Pole Walk etc. 

23 Jun 2023

Q107 :

This royal person was jailed during the Emergency and has penned a book with the word Rajpath in its title. Name the person and the book.

19 Jun 2023

Q106 :

What is common to oceanic storms called Mangkhut, Irma,  Maria, Haiyan, Sandy, Katrina, Mitch , and Tracy.

07 Jun 2023

Q105 :

What is common to Omaha, Utah, Juno, Sword, and Gold?

29 May 2023

Q104 :

This dancer turned down a strong offer to serve as the President of India. Name the dancer. 

24 May 2023

Q103 :

Belle, Deep Crack and Hydra are supercomputers. Who can be referred to as the father of supercomputers?

01 May 2023

Q102 :

A cine artist has made a popular video covering a widely publicised exhibition in the USA of another famous artist who passed away this year. Name the two artists.

11 Apr 2023

Q101 :

This famous French artist painted a famous cathedral over thirty times after studying the angle and intensity of light at different times. Name the artist and the cathedral.

01 Apr 2023

Q100 :

What international agreement governs the ability of pharmaceutical companies to undertake emergency manufacture and supply of drugs to help deal with public health emergencies?

29 Mar 2023

Q99 :

A famous song sung by one of the Beatles was used as a theme song for a film based on the killing fields of war-torn Cambodia. Name the song and the film.

13 Mar 2023

Q98 :

Chocolates can be accidentally contaminated with traces of metals and inferior food ingredients. Sometimes, the seeds from the mango-type fruit of this African tree are used to increase the weight of chocolates. What is this tree?  

24 Feb 2023

Q97 :

This subatomic particle is a word in Haryanvi for a village elder. Name it. 

16 Feb 2023

Q96 :

In the world of handicrafts, what do the Indian districts of Kasganj, Chandauli, Budaun, and Shahjahanpur have in common? 

10 Feb 2023

Q95 :

For what have the following regions in the United States been in the news recently: Missouri, Nebraska, Montana

01 Feb 2023

Q94 :

This English academic helped shape the commercial and financial future of the Railways in many countries like the United States, Canada, Ireland, Austria  and India. Name him. 

27 Jan 2023

Q93 :

According to Hindu mythology, the Devas urged Brahma the creator to involve and engage humankind so that they should lead righteous and moral lives, leading to a famous text referred to as the fifth Veda. What is this text and who wrote it?


17 Jan 2023

Q92 :

Started in 1973, this association of 195 top schools in India has as its motto: Quality, Commitment, and Excellence in education. Name this institution.

26 Dec 2022

Q91 :

Name the winner of the Sushila Devi Award for the best fiction written by a woman author in English, published in 2021.

19 Dec 2022

Q90 :

Geoff Hurst of England, Paolo Rossi of Italy, and Zbigniew Boniek of Poland had already accomplished this feat in World Cup football has been recently matched by Kylian Mbappe. What is this?

08 Dec 2022

Q89 :

What are the names of the first & second dams that were built on the river Narmada and what are their locations?

04 Dec 2022

Q88 :

Name one special attribute common to the following global politicians: Johanna Siguroardottir, Ellio Di Rupo, and Leo Varadkar.

03 Dec 2022

Q87 :

In the world of mining, what do the acronyms UG and OC stand for?

28 Nov 2022

Q86 :

What famous international tourist attraction famous for its celebrity parades and new year lighting was once the centre of the horse carriage manufacturing industry in America?

23 Nov 2022

Q85 :

What do Bhanita Das, Shafiq Syed, and Talha Ahmed Reshi have in common with legendary actor Rishi Kapoor? 

13 Nov 2022

Q84 :

This author wrote a famous trilogy based on the eccentric life of Medieval English rulers, won a top award for literature twice and married the same person twice. Name the author?

05 Nov 2022

Q83 :

A central sculpture in the shape of a Veena that is 13 yards long, surrounded by 7 pillars and 92 lotus flowers. Where is this monument and to which famous person is it dedicated?

01 Nov 2022

Q82 :

A type of tree plantation technique in which the density of plants is significantly more, is organic, is reported to generate more oxygen, more water retention, greater carbon capture and attracts more birds was started by an Eastern ecologist after whom it is named. What is such a grove called?

29 Oct 2022

Q81 :

In the various Climate Summits that have taken place since 2009  rich nations have together pledged to donate a certain sum of money every year from 2020 to 2025 to create a corpus to help poorer nations adapt to the impacts of climate change? What is the figure that was agreed upon?

25 Oct 2022

Q80 :

The Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the largest and most ferocious carnivores to ever walk the earth. The disproportionate size of what part of its body has baffled scientists most?

20 Oct 2022

Q79 :

Although born in South India, this Kathak guru, a recipient of the prestigious Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, trained in prominent gharanas in North India, taught in one of the most prominent institutes in Lucknow, choreographed most of the works of Kalidas and his open style led to his being referred to as a 'non-gharanedaar' artist. Name this kathak exponent and teacher.

18 Oct 2022

Q78 :

More than 75 years ago, this statesman introduced Hindi as a compulsory language in secondary schools in Tamil Nadu. Another famous statesman spearheaded an agitation against that move. Name the two leaders.

16 Oct 2022

Q77 :

Written by an Englishman in the form of a poem, this book about the life of a very famous person in ancient Indian history, greatly influenced Mahatma Gandhi, Vivekanand, Tagore, Ambedkar and Nehru. Name this book and the author.

11 Oct 2022

Q76 :

Turin is famous as one of the commercially important cities of Italy, for its baroque architecture, for the Holy shroud, for the football club Juventus and for the Fiat motor car company. The city has lent its name to monitor movements between outer space and earth? What kind?                               

04 Oct 2022

Q75 : In the seventies this famous actress not only acted in a crime film but also directed it. Name the actress and the film.                               

30 Sep 2022

Q74 : More than 60% of the Indian rural population is dependent on agriculture. A facility has been created to enable farmers to sell their agricultural produce directly through a pan-Indian digital process and thereby get the best price. What is the name of this national endeavour?                               

26 Sep 2022

Q73 : An AI based platform developed by the Government of India provides free e-content such as free e-  textbooks etc to school children. It is based on the core principles of open architecture, open access and open licensing. Name this platform?

22 Sep 2022

Q72 : Modelled on the lines of the Indian civil services, an Indian corporate house developed its own management cadre in 1956. Name the corporate house?


19 Sep 2022

Q71 : Just after ‘Seven Years in Tibet’, another film was made on the same subject. Name this biopic and the person on whom this film is based.


16 Sep 2022

Q70 : Which ancient civilization/people associated chocolate in its raw form with fertility, even love.                               

12 Sep 2022

Q69 : Name the book about good governance, written jointly by a former Secretary to the Prime Minister and another author who currently occupies a similar, even more exalted position in that office                               

12 Sep 2022

Q68 : If you were to talk about the overall economic size of Russia, Italy, Brazil, UK and France what do they have in common when compared to the economic size of India?

12 Sep 2022

Q67 :  This medieval saint who preached complete devotion to the divine was called Gaura because of the golden aura of his skin and even Nimai because of being born under a neem tree. His father’s name is the same as that of a former Chief Minister of Bihar. Name this saint.                               

12 Sep 2022

Q66 : Prakash Padukone won the national badminton championship nine times. Name the players who have won this championship eight times or more.                               

12 Sep 2022

Q65 : Commemorated with a Google doodle, this famous poet was critical of Abu Fazl’s Ain-i-Akbari and films based on the artist’s life have starred Suraiya and Noor Jehan. Name the poet.                               

12 Sep 2022

Q64 :  Born into a family of sixteen children, this classicist by training and temperament achieved a balance between traditional values and mass-culture tastes and raised a whole generation of suni-shagirds who learnt by merely listening to this singer. While attaining the pinnacle of the Hindustani classical music world this singer also did playback singing for Bollywood, Marathi, Kannada and Bengali films and had a passion for cars and auto-mechanics. Name this singer.                               

12 Sep 2022

Q63 :  What common activity do the cities of Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Kochi and Mysore lend their names to?                               

12 Sep 2022

Q62 : The countries of North and South Korea, the Republic of Congo, Bahrain and Liechtenstein share something significant with India. What?                               

12 Sep 2022

Q61 : (A) What famous literary work mentions amongst other things why the surrender of a particular nation in World War II was the key to the choice of our Independence Day?
(B) Who performed the functions of the President of India in the period 15/8/1947-26/01/1950?                               

12 Sep 2022

Q60 :  This sensational singer has become the first artist in history with five US number-one albums before the age of 18 creating a whole generation of believ(b)ers in his music.                               

12 Sep 2022

Q59 :  He qualified for the Indian Finance Service, rose to be an Accountant General. Later, because of his love for science, he became a Professor in Calcutta and head of the Indian Institute of Science. His scientific research and commentaries on the blue colour of the ocean, the uniqueness of Indian drums and his detailed work on optics earned him all the top national and international awards. He spoke openly against government domination of scientific institutions, going as far as to be abusive towards the then Prime Minister of India. Name him.                               

12 Sep 2022

Q58 : This singer was nominated for two Grammy awards and her personal and professional relationship with an Indian music composer-director (who described her as a singer whose sensuous voice and personality would make any man say, “I love you”) was a matter of folk-lore in the world of Indian cinema a few decades ago. Name the singer and the music director.

12 Sep 2022

Q57 : This non-profit company devoted to helping Indian sportsperson win gold medals in international events has amongst its Board of Directors three players, each of whom became a world champion – in the sports of badminton, chess and billiards respectively. Name this company.                               

12 Sep 2022

Q56 : This fighter pilot missed becoming the first Indian in space but carved a space for himself as a successful entrepreneur                 .              

12 Sep 2022

Q55 :  A key word that was a cause of disappointment has been done away with in NEP 2020. What is this demoralizing word that has been discarded and what has it been replaced by in result certificates of students?                               

12 Sep 2022

Q54 :  This English number, rewritten in English from a Russian love song – recollecting the past happy times – is one of the rare non-Beatles songs produced by the Beatles Abbey Road Studio in 1968, after one of the Beatles was totally impressed by the female singer who had sung it in various live performances. It became an instant global hit and remains popular to the day. Name this song                               

12 Sep 2022

Q53 : Although his batting average was below 40, he scored more than 8000 runs in test cricket. His overall test score matched an important event in his life. Name this cricketer who even captained his country’s team.

12 Sep 2022

Q52 : This player refused to play Davis Cup for his country, leading to his suspension from his country’s Tennis Association, a move that was supported by the International Tennis body. That meant he could not participate in Wimbledon that year, leading to many top-seeds also not playing that tournament to protest this treatment of a fellow player. Name this player and the Wimbledon year. (This has been created by Advisor Parveen Bhagat. Others are encouraged to do so too. Others are encouraged to send their s via Reach Us)

12 Sep 2022

Q51 : This former civil servant has recently been appointed by the higher Courts as an Administrator to conduct the affairs and hold elections for two important sports federations in India. One of them is hockey. Name the person and the second sport.                               

12 Sep 2022

Q50 : It has been a temple – to different Gods, a virgin goddess for the most part; a symbol of democracy, of victory over invaders, of western civilization; also famous for a particular kind of ‘marbles’. What is this two thousand five hundred years old monument?                               

12 Sep 2022

Q49 : Almost a century ago, this doctor was invited to address a famous conference in Lahore. A little while later, the organizers called it off fearing that the views expressed would be too extreme for the audience. That speech has since become a best-selling book capturing the doctor’s findings on that subject. Name the doctor and the book.

12 Sep 2022

Q48 : It is the name for a colour, for a particular kind of beans, for soft leather, for a drink, for Java script framework, for an ancient port. Name it.

12 Sep 2022

Q47 :  One of the top names in Indian classical music, she herself sang in films in which she had a role. Appreciated by Sarojani Naidu as a kid, she is reputed to have inspired the poet Kaifi Azmi to revert back to the world of ghazals. Name this singer.                               

12 Sep 2022

Q46 : These grasses sometimes have prefixes as varied as finger, foxtail, hog, barnyard. They can grow in arid soil and high temperatures and can yield gluten-free, high-protein food. Name them

12 Sep 2022

Q45 : An Indian entity has a presence in places as diverse as Bhopal, Lucknow, Brunei, Mauritius and Biak (Indonesia) and even Antarctica. Name the organization and the purpose of these establishments?

12 Sep 2022

Q44 : Name one feature common to the following books: A Tomb of Sand by Geetanjali Shree, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy, A Married Woman by Manju Kapur and A Life Apart by Neel Mukherjee

12 Sep 2022

Q43 : These two twentieth century historians complemented each other’s research, resources and work about medieval (Mughal and Maratha) India – one an expert in Persian and Urdu sources, the other in Maratha ones. They were also the best of friends. Name them.

12 Sep 2022

Q42 :  These flowers bunch at the head of a stem like a colourful pom-pom. There are about 75 different varieties found in China, Japan and Korea – the big-leaf kind is abundant in the Indian hill-stations (like Mussoorie for instance). It is used to make herbal tea and even as a diuretic. Name this flower that means a water container in Greek.                               

12 Sep 2022

Q41 : This prehistoric thousand-metre-long discovery in the late nineteenth century was the first of its kind in Europe and now has a UNESCO heritage tag. It has given its name to film, song, comics, games – usually there is a polychromatic image of an extinct central Asian bison that symbolizes it. Name this site.                               

12 Sep 2022

Q40 : This famous Hindi drama written about an ancient India king contains the patriotic and inspiring lines that were used by Freedom Fighters: Badhe chalo, Badhe chalo. Name the writer and the work.

12 Sep 2022

Q39 : The cities of Berlin, Boston, Stockholm, Oslo, Vancouver, Boulder, New York, Minneapolis, Vancouver, San Francisco, Yokohama, Melbourne, London, Seattle, Portland, Copenhagen, Sydney have formed a group and vowed to achieve an important global goal by 2050. What is this group called?                               

12 Sep 2022

Q38 : There is something common to these films that gives them an indirect connection with the world of sports: Khilona (1970), Pathar aur Payal (1974), Karishma Kudrat Ka (1985)), Sadak Chhap (1987), Bees Saal Baad (1992)? What sport?

12 Sep 2022

Q37 : This foreign writer also paints – under the pseudonym of Lapata – an  Urdu word meaning missing. Who is this author who has been in the news recently?                               

12 Sep 2022

Q36 : With what highly intense, even stunning activity would you associate the names: Buddha, Shakti, Kirana, Trinity?

12 Sep 2022

Q35 : A global agreement for the preservation of marshy lands, mangroves, coral reefs, lakes, aquifers etc – with over 150 signatory nations as members. The implementation of its principles has a positive impact for birds, preservation of water-bodies and aquatic life and for nature. Name this important international agreement                               

12 Sep 2022

Q34 : This tribe is famous for its sustainable agricultural practices, paddy cultivation, use of bamboo and of an unusual practice of women traditionally camouflaging their beauty by defacing their noses to appear less attractive to raiders. Name this Indian tribe.                               

12 Sep 2022

Q33 : This novella is about a fisherman whose name is also the name of a capital city of a country. He had gone without catching a single fish for almost three months. Yet, he had not lost heart. This fictional story contributed to the author winning a Nobel Prize for literature. Name the book and the author.                               

12 Sep 2022

Q32 : Had this sportsperson been a country that nation’s cumulative Olympic gold medal Olympic tally would have been almost double of the all-time gold tally of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal and India combined.  Name this sportsperson active between 2008-2016 and the overall Olympic medal tally to date?                               

12 Sep 2022

Q31 : This city is particularly famous for its fruit cider, is located on the banks of a river, has a long stretch of about a mile that is laced with beautiful art galleries and museums, is the birthplace of that country’s most famous writer and is often compared with Manhattan because of its skyscrapers. Name this city?                               

12 Sep 2022

Q30 : He travelled around South America in a ship (named after a famous dog species) in the nineteenth century, compared uncivilized man with a wild animal and critically commented about the flora, fauna and the mesmerizing diversity of nature – his detailed writings revolutionized scientific thinking. Though deserving the Nobel prize, he did not get one. Name this researcher and the ship.                               

12 Sep 2022

Q29 : This Islamic mathematician of the tenth-eleventh century was born in modern Uzbekistan, travelled to India and wrote about an Indian astronomer who believed that the earth rotated on its axis. Name him                               

12 Sep 2022

Q28 : As per Hindu cosmology there are various measures of time, even running into hundreds of thousands of years. What is the name given to that period of time of which fourteen together make one full Brahma Day of 4.32 billion human years?                               

12 Sep 2022

Q27 : This person was selected for the Nobel Prize and conveyed thanks to the Swedish Academy. However, four days the Academy received a telegram from this person saying, “Considering the meaning this award has been given in the society to which I belong, I must reject this undeserved prize …” Name this person.                               

12 Sep 2022

Q26 :  Which famous European artist was both inspired by and fond of Indian art of the seventeenth century and himself created several works based on the nobility and royal court scenes of that time?                               

12 Sep 2022

Q25 : In the field of climate change, earth and human history this Indian region lent its name to a chronological period of several thousand years – after the dating of certain mineral formations found in huge caves there.                               

12 Sep 2022

Q24 : This law was enacted about two decades ago in the United States of America in response to a spate of financial scandals involving publicly listed/traded companies; it also influenced various public accounting and corporate governance reforms in India. Name the Act by which this law was promulgated?                                      

12 Sep 2022

Q23 : Venezuelan contract-killer “the Jackal” (on whom Fredrick Forsyth based his famous character) is alleged to have been behind the 1975 attack in Europe on a meeting of top executives of this international organization founded more than sixty years ago in Iraq. Name this organization.                               

12 Sep 2022

Q22 : What book, a family drama and psychological thriller, could not be published until 2005 when the author was alive, yet became a global bestseller and was made into a famous film, with various tv series and adaptations?

12 Sep 2022

Q21 : What do Scotland and the world of start-ups have in common?                               

12 Sep 2022

Q20 : Elephantine means super-huge. Which Indian company actually made an elephantine payment – for the pleasure of its high-class smoking customers. Hint: This company flew a baby elephant to this famous artist as compensation, at his request                               

12 Sep 2022

Q19 : India Gate (formerly known as the All-India War Memorial) is located astride Rajpath in New Delhi. In numerical terms how is the First World War described in this iconic structure designed by Edwin Lutyens?                                 

12 Sep 2022

Q18 : Adultery and Adulteration are considered sinful. The name of Jesus is often invoked to describe adulteration in this particular food item. Name this food item. 
Hint: Its non-solid                               

12 Sep 2022

Q17 : What character from Indian history is common as a screen role played by the epic actors Sohrab Modi, Prithviraj Kapoor and Arun Bali?
Hint: Another actor who has played that role is Laksha Lalwani.

12 Sep 2022

Q16 : Rebel poet, essayist, story-writer, she deserted her husband, prioritized emotions and individual experiences in her writings, was a great supporter of women’s higher education, was presented her country’s highest literary award by the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, got her country’s second highest civilian award and the film-maker Mrinal Sen made a film on her story. Who was this writer?
Hint: Google honored her with a Google Doodle                               

12 Sep 2022

Q15 :  In the world of fashion France and French companies occupy a pride of place. What French word, fundamental to urban living, is mostly used by the French fashion Industry to name product verticals or subsidiaries. What is the equivalent English language word?

07 Sep 2022

Q14 : A reigning champion and an important international sports event. The authorities created headlines when they directed this player to remove and change a very important part of the sporting attire before continuing further in the event because it conflicted with their dress-code. Name the player and that sports event?

07 Sep 2022

Q13 : The publication of this controversial book six decades ago, caused chemical multinationals like Dupont, Velsicol, Monsanto and others to campaign vociferously against it – saying that it would take us back to a time when insects and vermin inhabited the Earth. The effect was the opposite – leading to a new thinking in agriculture. Name this famous book and its author.

12 Sep 2022

Q12 : More than three decades after the sinking of the Titanic in which 1500 passengers died, the sinking of another cruise ship, launched with much pomp and fanfare and hailed as part of its country’s “strength through joy” program, claimed more than six times the number of lives claimed by the Titanic. However, there is not much glamour attached to that event. Why?

12 Sep 2022

Q11 : In Hindu mythology, a very learned person’s stubborn arguments with his Guru led to his being transformed into a a bird – though with a blessing – eternal life and a limitless vision. Name this bird?

12 Sep 2022

Q10 : This eccentric, accident-prone expeditionist (earning money is also an adventure for him) almost drowned in the Atlantic Ocean, fell off a cliff, was jailed, promotes betting and gambling, yet, is also a serious proponent of social causes like protection of children, wildlife conservation and gay rights. Name this person

12 Sep 2022

Q9 : In world history which famous, and ultimately successful, armed and bloody resistance movement had significant components code-named Z, K and S. Why were they so called?

30 Nov -0001

Q8 : Even though this country has one of the highest per capita crime rates and its citizens are the highest guzzlers of wine, yet, it does not have any jails and grants citizenship to foreign nationals on a need basis. What country is this?

12 Sep 2022

Q7 : What world famous artist, though born on the banks of the Narmada river, actually spent most of his life painting close to the Seine river?

12 Sep 2022

Q6 : Picturized in the recent sports drama 83, this right arm medium pacer scored a test century for India and is credited with promoting off-spinner Jasu Patel who helped steer India’s first win against Australia in Kanpur

12 Sep 2022

Q5 : This fictional dog started his comic journey in Russia in 1929. Another dog started his journey from Russia into space in 1957. Name the two dogs.

12 Sep 2022

Q4 : Born in England, accused in America of being a communist, this actor made the world smile. Name him?

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