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  • With the Cunsult App no public servant anywhere will ever really retire. Everybody will remain evergreen —powered by the knowledge and insights from their lifelong experience. A great tool!

    Shri Deepak Singhal, IAS Retd, ex-Chief Secretary

    Uttar Pradesh, India
  • CUNSULT is the next social-tech revolution. Getting information instantly from an expert on a per-minute basis across the globe and micro-monetizing knowledge is an outstanding idea and will help to make the world a flatter, happier and better place.

    Ranjana Goel, Homemaker

    Miami, USA
  • Great Concept! A concept whose time has come. It is a great means of connecting subject experts with those who want to learn, across geographies, time zones, cultures and level of knowledge

    Harshil Sahay, PhD student

    Chicago, USA
  • CUNSULT is so useful in today’s world – where getting the right, systematic information is so difficult. People will learn a lot. Courses are very accessible. It’s a wonderful platform for experts wanting to share their knowledge with everybody

    Mrinalini Pandey, Art Historian and Researcher

    Bhopal, India

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