About Cunsult

About Cunsult

CUNSULT is a knowledge ecosystem powered by a strong social vision. CUNSULT’s mission is to improve human well-being – with lifelong learning and knowledge-driven networking. It promotes continuous and seamless generation of ideas and experience-sharing between people, regardless of their geography or state of learning. CUNSULT is more than just an online-learning platform. It is a tool and a facility that validates and goes beyond what search engines deliver by providing an intelligent human interface. It enables communication and networking in real time between real people – even those who may not know each other from before. It thereby goes beyond social media platforms and integrates people.

CUNSULT offers 24X7, 1-on-1 nano-learning/insight/advice/motivation and connectivity. It promotes holistic self-improvement, education, skills, entrepreneurship and social advancement.  It is ideal for all -- particularly: students, job-seekers, researchers, careerists and the curious (Clients) -- by connecting them instantly with multiple experts (Advisors) in real time, on a wherever-you-are basis at a low, per-minute cost for instant advice. No hefty advance payments, prior bookings or lock-ins are needed.

This is a unique platform because Clients can themselves choose from multiple Advisors and instantly SPEAK or CHAT across multiple sectors – to absorb Advisors’ knowledge, ask questions, take their valuable advice and communicate. What they get is distilled wisdom, useful advice and confidence based on the Advisor's deep experience and vast network of resources. CUNSULT is thus also a great platform for locating and connecting with experts who can then become long-term resources and can even be assigned projects on the go.

Cunsultations can be about anything: Sector Trends, Current or Historical matters, Technical Research topics, Study and Career options, Government Processes, Training and Skill Development Courses, Entrepreneurship, Personal and Social Experiences or even Location-specific matters. For instance, a Client may wish to drill down to Resume Writing/ Interviews/Mock Interviews etc with an Advisor. Another Client may wish to exchange ideas about an entrepreneurship project. Yet another Client may want to compare the usefulness of different new apps or gadgets. Questions can be from general to specific, global to local, conceptual to analytical. The sky is the limit to the expanse and extent of consultation and the questions that can be asked (See SAMPLE QUESTIONS). In the process, Clients and Advisors form a respectable understanding about each others competencies which facilitates informed bonding.

Why Clients and Advisors should download CUNSULT App?

Search engines flood us with reams of raw, unprocessed information. Mostly confusing. Often poorly edited. Sometimes grossly misleading. Insight and human intelligence is important to help separate the facts from the rubbish. To understand, plan and forge ahead of the competition.

CUNSULT enables Clients to have personalized consultations with real, live Advisors who will help get to the truth and then be able to build on that informed relationship further. Cunsultations can take place instantly, live and in real time. That makes CUNSULT a great platform for thought leadership, for confidence-building, learnings and knowledge-based networking. CUNSULT helps to bridge the privilege and asymmetry of information gap in society and integrates people and communities.

Advisors should be in CUNSULT because they want to give back to society by sharing their vast knowledge and valuable expertise with others. Advisors earn recognition, goodwill, fulfilment and also an honorarium. They can promote themselves by uploading their short videos and articles on any topic of their expertise. If they feel they have very deep knowledge of a subject that may have a market, they can contemplate uploading a COURSE. Learning is fundamental to human existence and evolution and so Advisors have an important role in educating people and improving society and facilitating knowledge-based networks.

What's special about CUNSULT?

→ Instant Knowledge, Instant Advice

→ Direct Personalized Communication

→ Wide Choice of Advisors from all across the world

→ Easy-to-Search Courses, Videos and Articles for further discourse

→ Consultation from as little as 1 minute to any length of time

→ No Lock-in; Instant Switching between Advisors

→ Low, Per-Minute Price

→ Mentorship and Networking opportunity

→ About Knowledge Sharing. About Giving Back to others. More than just about Money





CUNSULT has the facility for specially-tailored knowledge/skill/talent development Courses on sectoral topics. Invited Advisors will prepare customized Courses following the editorial methodology prescribed by CUNSULT. These priced Courses will be uploaded so that they can be purchased by Clients.

Advisors will also be able to upload free short-knowledge-videos and articles (classified sector-wise) on-the-go. This way Advisors on the CUNSULT platform showcase their competencies and their presence becomes more visible and meaningful to a world-wide audience who will have the opportunity to pursue these ideas through further cunsultation with the Advisors. The CUNSULT Courses and Videos pages will also carry relevant material to prepare Advisors and Clients for their knowledge-exchange dialogues on a continuous basis.



For the current list of more than 60 Sectors see the drop down of SECTOR on the top mast of the Advisors page of the Client app. These range from Government and Security to Parenting, Cookery, Home-craft. New sectors will and can be recommended for addition at any time.



CEO & FOUNDERRaghav Chandra, a socially-conscious, management expert, columnist and more – has a distinguished public career of 37 years as a member of the prestigious Indian Administrative Service, rising to the very top – holding salient positions in the Government of India. He has worked in areas as diverse as urban and city development, foreign trade, infrastructure creation and management, law enforcement, financial administration, sports promotion and agriculture. He has been the CEO of many government entities such as the National Highways Authority of India and the Industrial Development Corporation/ Housing Board/SEZ Indore/Road Corporation/TRIFAC in MP. He has been an Edward S Mason Fellow at Harvard University, USA and has studied at St Stephen's College, Delhi. He is also the President of the Society for Culture and Environment and the Director of the Bhopal Literature and Art Festival. He is an adjunct faculty at the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs where he conducts courses. He has won many awards in his personal and professional capacities. He is the author of two published acclaimed novels and is an Independent Director on the Board of a few listed companies and the Delhi Golf Club. He is also an accredited Commercial Arbitrator. He aims to give back to society and encourage life-long, continuous and constant learning.



Shlok Chandra is a publicly-motivated, ethical-minded, practicing lawyer. An alumnus of the prestigious National Law School University of Bangalore and the Doon School he is on the panel of Government of India and various other government and public sector bodies such as the Ministry of Finance (CBDT), Ministry of Urban Development, DDA, NHAI etc. He regularly appears before the High Courts and various Tribunals.

Suraj Nangia is a Chartered Accountant and alum of the Wharton School, UPENN. A Board member of Indo Canadian Business Council he regularly advises industries on diverse matters relating to entry strategy, acquisitions, business consolidations, re-alignment and exit structures, corporate fundraising, and transactions involving tax and regulatory matters. He has authored Doing Business in India – Simplified and has steered a collaboration between Nangia Andersen Consulting Pvt. Ltd. and Andersen Global for India.


Meet Our Team


Raghav Chandra

Retd IAS-Founder, CEO


Shlok Chandra



Suraj Nangia



Ayush Rastogi

Operation Manager & Business Strategist

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