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CUNSULTUBE videos and CUNSULTBLOG articles are free to view. Users have to pay only for the Courses.

Yes. That is what distinguishes CUNSULT from other channels which are a one-way street. You can have a call or chat directly, instantly or anytime with the creators (Advisors) by downloading the Cunsult app from the Google/Apple play stores.

Yes, if you are already registered on the app as an Advisor or as an Client, you can use those same respective credentials to login in cunsult.com and vice versa.

Before you buy a Course, you can view the promo video, read the profile of the author and read about the course.

Only a user who is registered as an Advisor can upload a Course, CUNSULTUBE video or CUNSULTBLOG article. CUNSULT may choose to import a Course from outside if it is convinced about the quality of the content and credentials of the author.

There are no charges for registering on cunsult.com or the Cunsult app.

There are multifarious benefits to Advisors:

Advisory Service: Give expert advice in any sector of their expertise through the CUNSULT Advisor app (Equivalent: Practo – but that is only in telemedicine, this covers more than 60 sectors to begin with. An Advisor can choose multiple sectors of expertise)

Blogging: Write an article on any subject of their expertise and post it in CUNSULTBLOG (Equivalent: Wordpress – but that is not classified sector wise, so you never get to know about a blog until the author forwards you the link)

Vlogging: Upload a knowledge-video in CUNSULTUBE on a topic of your expertise. This too can be viewed free by anybody (Equivalent: Youtube – on many counts: automatic channel creation, direct communication with audience, ease of dissemination and ease of earning revenues, CUNSULT is a more beneficial framework)

Publish Courses: Create a Course on a topic of their special expertise – this will be priced in consultation with the Advisor (Equivalent: Udemy, Coursera)

Give Back to Society: By educating and empowering others, Advisors get goodwill, satisfaction and even an honorarium

Videos and Articles are an articulation of an Advisor’s knowledge, experience and understanding of a subject – which they voluntarily want to share freely with the world, often merely to stimulate a debate. Posts should be Crisp, Original, Researched and Accurate (CORA).

Videos and articles serve to enable

Advisors to showcase their learning

start discussion on issues of topical relevance

create recognition for the Advisor’s depth of knowledge about a subject

help sharpen Advisor’s feedback about topics of their research interest

The Articles and Videos must be properly structured:


The main content


Login/ Register as an Advisor

Click on ‘Click here to write an article’ tab

Select the sector/s which are related to your Article (you can select upto maximum 3 sectors per Article)

Fill in the Title of your Article

Type your article (you can also copy-paste an article)

Click on Upload Article

Note: Please do not post someone else’s article, you should be the sole owner and producer of the article

Login/ Register as an Advisor

Click on ‘Click here to upload your short video’ tab

Select the sector/s in which you want your Video to be displayed (you can select upto maximum 3 sectors per Video. Please select only the relevan

Fill in the Title of your Video

Choose your Video to be uploaded

Click on Upload

Note: Please do not post someone else’s video/article. You should be the sole owner and producer of the video/article. The contents should not be slanderous, pornographic, vulgar or factually untrue.

A Course (video book) is the perfect way of educating and empowering people – by sharing your deep knowledge of a subject. It is an online lesson on a topic of Advisor’s specific expertise which will be of use to Clients. Thanks to overwhelming internet penetration, more and more users prefer digitalized courses to learn at their own pace.

Advisors who upload their Courses benefit dually – (A) earning every time a Client buys a Course and (B) getting enhanced recognition for their competencies. A Course is a lifelong asset, has ubiquitous accessibility and will attract a huge global clientele – even beyond one’s country boundaries. There are people who claim to have made millions of dollars by selling online courses.

The Proposal

Answer: Get your Course topic approved by sending us a short email addressed to 1234digitech@gmail.com. For subject write: COURSE/” Proposed Name of Topic”. In the body of the email (no attachment please) give the topic name again and also write a 200 words synopsis of the topic. After the synopsis, add the following:

2-3 sentences about your expertise in that subject

A list of the proposed chapters

The target audience (who all will be interested in that topic).

After the proposal is approved, you can start working on the script. You have to prepare two scripts –

The Main Course script - It can range from 5000 words upwards (video should ideally be of 45 or more minutes duration). The script should be divided into chapters including an introduction and a conclusion. Please make the script elegant, crisp and interesting. Along with the script, please also identify the Charts and Pictures/Photos/Slides that you feel should be inserted into the video. These could be borrowed (pl mention source) or derived from your own experience. You will also need to pinpoint the positions in the script where you want these Charts/Pictures etc to be inserted.

The Promo video script – It is a written pitch of about 300 words (for a 2-4 minutes video) for marketing the Course. This should contain the key takeaways from the Course and list out the main points discussed in the Course video to explain why a person should buy your Course. This too should contain pictures to make it visually appealing.

We can assign you an in-house editor. The contents and text of the course once approved by the Editor is good to be converted into video (in certain cases we may skip this editorial process completely and you can go straight to video production).

Once, the script is approved, you’ll have to video shoot/edit both the Main Course and the Promo Video. Guidelines and youtube link to sample template is given below. You can set up your own studio or use the services of a professional studio to get the video shot and edited. Please remember to insert the charts and pictures you have identified to make the video visually attractive. The images used should be from a copyright free source and source mentioned (Example- Pexel and Pixbay). If you use Charts or Tables from a website, please cite the source below the image - For Example you inserted a chart/figure from UN’s website regarding Greenhouse emissions, so, at the bottom of the figure/image please write ‘Source: UN Greenhouse Gas Bulletin (2019).’

You have to also shoot the promo video after you have done the main video shoot. Its length should range from 2-3 minutes. Apart from other photos/pics, a snippet of about 1-minute duration from the actual main course video should be inserted in this promo, to provide authenticity and a glimpse of what a Client will receive if he buys this Course.

Answer: After you have suitably reviewed and edited the course video you can share the video with us at 1234digitech@gmail.com via Google Drive or WeTransfer. (Steps to use Google Drive and WeTransfer given below). Also, please register as an Advisor on CUNSULT so that a viewer can watch your course as well connect with you on the CUNSULT platform. You may suggest a price for your course.

Final approval : After the final approval, we’ll upload your course on www.cunsult.com. The actual price will be fixed by CUNSULT, keeping in view the need to promote (A) knowledge sharing and (B) market conditions.

The net revenue generated by selling this course will be shared equally between you and 1234 Intellimap Private Limited (company that operates the CUNSULT platform) and will be suitably credited to the bank account whose details you submit. Net revenue will depend on the extent of fees charged by Google/Apple for in-app purchases and initial costs incurred by 1234 Intellimap Private Limited in production of the Course (studio and editing costs if borne by us).

Note: If you want to upload this course on any platform other than CUNSULT then you have to take written permission from us (1234 Intellimap Pvt Ltd) by writing an e-mail to 1234digitech@gmail.com

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