Holistic Health Published on: 05 Oct, 2021


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Health: whenever we speak, read or talk about health, we often think and see only physical health whereas it is a broad term which covers many aspects. Just Physical aspect can not define health. When we talk about health just like Development it should be holistic.
Mental, social, economic, physical ,spiritual all healths must be covered to strike a balanced health and person.Without mental health we can't call a person healthy even if that fellow is physically fit, if economic health is poor even then the stress in life will affect every other health be it physical or mental or social. If a person's social life is poor that also leaves a poor impact on mental level and other aspects.Every health has its own impact in life.Every health is a must, we can't ignore its importance.The way a recipee can't be delicious without the proper mix of all spices, similarly no health can be called perfect untill it is Holistic- a perfect balance of every aspect of health.


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