Pandemic Times: A Lament or A Historic Change Published on: 17 Dec, 2021


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Pandemic Time: Times to lament or Make a Difference?

 Pandemic, though is the name of pain, suffering, uncertainity,   yet I won’t like to call it so because already such things are being said and felt by us all. What I want to discuss today is that what we can do to overcome it,how we can find ways to move to new Normal at the earliest with a smile? 


Why? Because for how long one can afford to live in pain and distress? These words and feelings do no good and simply lead us to zero life state which no one likes. If we look at history whenever tough times approached it was with the the will to do good by the people of courage that we win over the times. Today, we are witnessing this historic time and it is our turn now. We owe a Debt to our Ancestors who procured a Free, wonderful world for us. We have a debt towards our soldiers who battle with any odd just to give us a Secured life.

Now again we all shall say, “That’s fine, but how can we do that?

My answer is by following the Mantra

Make Suffering into Surfing

This is what our Freedom Fighters did, Our Scientists, researchers did. It is by their efforts to surfe and find possibilities, their fighting spirit that we are enjoying the life of freedom, facilities…

Now to reach New Normal the things that we can do and keep ourselves safe physically and mentally  are:

1.One thing we all would agree to is that this Pandemic has taught us that Nothing is permanent. Don’t take anything for guaranteed, so if we have learnt this let’s all raise our hands in appreciation to Nature, to Almighty and pay our Gratitude for everything on this earth.

2.When Old Normal was there we all were running thoughtlessly and we didn’t have much time to spend with ourselves. If we agree and realize let’s start spending time with ourselves.

Let’s focus on our health, let’s celebrate free time. Let’s meditate, exercise, chit chat, laugh..and do things that bring happiness and harmony…


3.Let’s use this time more wisely to move towards the Normal Natural at the earliest.

If we have this wish, let’s follow all the guidelines, let’s respect the efforts being done by the people be it doctors, health staff, support staff, scientists, governments….. follow and go for vaccines and take good diets, maintain distance…. Use technology to connect and learn more.

4.Nothing is permanent, life can be a change anytime… if we agree to this let’s use this time more wisely, sagaciously and develop and nurture ourselves all the more.

To do this, we can learn to manage our home tasks better, we can learn to do gardening on our own, we can find more eco friendly ways to conduct our life and be better considerate people. We can connect more to our friends and family to know their well being and make a difference in their life.We can read, we can write, we can make someone laugh, we can help someone .

5.Some who lost jobs might be thinking we have lost income resources…. To them I further want to pose a question.

Each one of them must be an educated person that’s why they were able to go for a job and the person who is literate can’t be a helpless in my views. He or she must be having something to tell and teach others ,the only thing that is required is to decide not to lament rather research, think and act.

I believe, this is a historic time and this time is not to lament rather this time is to make difference, grow better, to contribute, to leave a mark.




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