Parenting with Love and Logic Published on: 05 Oct, 2021


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Considerate Parenting with love and Logic according to Laurene Steinberg is the mantra to sort out many conflicts between children and parents.But when I contemplated and searched and researched a little in and around me ,I found most of the parenting is based on either blind love or unthoughtful expectations. Love is fine but to find logic is like finding a needle in the haystack.Now everyone must be wondering and would like to ask what is the need and role of this logic in parenting? You know parenting is parenting ,it is all about love,care ,authority and possession.
But let's understand it with this story,
Arun is becoming fat day by day .His mom is feeding him with all paranthas and butter .The doctor is asking to control diet  and his mom will speak ,"I don't know ,what is happening to my child, he hardly takes two chapatis ,I don't know what's wrong, Doctor sahib he doesn't eat much?
Now , what would you like to call it?
Isn't it blind love? Logic is lost completely. The answer should be Okay, Doctor,I will see and try to give him simple chapatis but no,  full on drama and the result is spoilt child ,always taking shelter in mom's lap.
Now second case, Raman recently got married and his mom directly enters his room without knocking the door, without understanding the need of the newly wedded couple ,without thinking that her son is not just his son rather a growing up adult and moreovera married person whi is someone's husband now flauntig her love for her son before the newly wedded daughter-in-law providing all the needs. The result is irritation, frustration, expectation that just can't be fulfilled and then a complaint will take place , a gap will emerge and Mother-in-law will say '"uff, today's girls and daughter-in-law will say,' uff husband's parents
whereas if neytrally ,we see, both sides are expecting one thing and that is love and concern with logic
But alas! often love remains that too blind one and logic disappears!
And the results we know, Every home's story!


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