State of Roads inside the cities Published on: 01 May, 2023


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In every state there are few cities which own historic and commendable achievements in their names.Hoshiarpur is such a city in the state of Punjab.This city is a proud claimant of 100% literacy rate,many big factories like #JCT, #International Tractor Limited also called #Sonalika, have also been established here.It is a valley and had the British rule continued it would have been another Similar.But somehow that remains a dream after the British rule.The most famous holy shrines Ma Chintpurni, Shiv Bari are very nearby.
But the state of its road system is very pitiable.Most of the roads are broken or have pits and holes.Driving here is very risky.
I humbly request the worthy Government to pay attention towards this in the safety of the citizens.

Daring to write because noticed a lot of work being done for Highways and major roads .These works not only added to the beauty but created value in lessening the travel hours as well.

Even the highway road adjoining this city is marvellously built.

Jyoti Verma
होशियारपुर सौ फीसदी लिटरेसी रेट वाला पंजाब का शहर है ओर पहाड़ों से घिरे होने के कारण एक घाटी भी है| बहुत अच्छे औद्योगिक कारखाने जैसे कि जे.सी.टी मिल, सोनालिका इण्टरनैशनल ट्रैक्टर ,रिलायंस इत्यादि यहाँ पर स्थापित है|ऐतिहासिक पौराणिक महत्ता वाले दैवीय स्थान माता चिन्तपुर्णी शिवबाडी इत्यादि भी इसके पास होने के कारण यहाँ यात्रियो का आकर्षण भी रहता है| अंग्रेज़ यदि आज होते तो यह स्थान दूसरा शिमला होता, ऐसा स्थानीय लोगो का मानना है|
मै यह सब सरकार का ध्यान यहाँ की सड़को को सुधारने की ओर दिलाने के लिए जनहित के लिए लिख रही हृ|
आभार सहित
ज्योति वर्मा


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