India boasts of exceptionally rich performing arts. There are just one or two kinds of music and dance forms in India. India has various kinds of exquisite classical dance forms and music along with folk dances and songs.Each art form represents the culture in a beautiful and impressive way which is incomparable to any other. Dance and music are few of the oldest part of the traditions of the ancient India.If one closely look most of the songs and classical dance are devotional by nature. Many of them are performed beautifully expressing the mood and emotions of the protagonist.Few of the main musical instruments in the Indian classical music such as:Sitar - Sitar is a string musical instrument and is one of the most important of all. It is seen mostly accompanying classical singing.Sarod- Sarod is also an important string musical instrument. It is made out of the carefully chosen teakwood and is covered with the goat skin.Tanpura - A crucial musical instrument of India with four strings tuned to a tunic, Tanpura has three main kinds. These are Miraj style, Tanjore style and a tamburi.VichitraVeena - Played like guitar, Vichitraveena is one of the Indian musical instrument used extensively in the classical music. It appears like a rudraveena.Coming to dance forms, they are mostly weaved around various ‘rasas’ meaning emotions. There are 9 kinds of rasa which defines the mood of the dance and the songs of India. Hasya (happiness), shoka (sorrow), krodha (anger), karuna (compassion), bhibasta (disgust), adhbhuta (wonder), bhaya (fear), viram (courage) &shanta (serenity) are the nine rasas.Some of the popular forms of Indian classical dances which have been acknowledged internationally are:•Kathak•Odissi•Manipuri•Bharatnatyam•Kuchipudi•Kathakali•MohiniattamSources- Various, Britannica, Wikipedia..


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