Speakers Details

Speakers Details

Sanjay Kumar Singh

Education: Master of International Law and Economics (WTI, Berne, Switzerland); Law, International Trade in Economics and Science

Experience : 35

About Speaker

Former Secretary at the Ministry of Steel, GOI; Former Chairman and Managing Director of Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BBNL)


As a civil servant, with experience of more than 3 decades, at the apex level in the Federal Government and State Government, has equipped me to analyse and think strategically, focusing on the big picture, while being mindful of the implementation challenges. 

I worked as Secretary in various Departments/ Organisations of Government of India from 2019-2022 and made notable contributions. As Secretary at the Ministry of Steel, GOI, I worked towards formulation and implementation of long term and medium-term vision of the sector, which focused on reducing carbon footprint, making steel sector more competitive, towards making the nation self-sufficient mainly in specialty steel and other future requirements.

In addition, my major effort included providing impetus to working towards production of green steel & specialty steel, integration of Industry 4.0 & higher-level technologies to enhance efficiency & safety in steel sector & mining for steel sector, as well as efficient utilization of resources. Since medium and small enterprises of Steel sector contribute significantly large portion of steel production in the country and provide proportionately higher employment, intensive efforts were made towards making them efficient, sustainable and migrate towards environment friendly steel making. Another area that was focused was transition to circular economy in steel making, accordingly not only medium- and long-term plan was formulated, but work was also initiated towards reducing wastage and utilizing the waste & by products for steel making.

Policy formulation, planning and programme/ project implementation form the core of my experience in Industry and Infrastructure

  • Steel
  • Telecom

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