Speakers Details

Speakers Details

Pradeep Gupta

Education: MBA in Operations Management (MDI, Gurgaon); Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical (NIT, Allahabad)

Experience : 37

About Speaker

A defence production expert. He joined the Defence Production sector in 1986 as an Indian Ordnance Factories Service Officer (IOFS-manages Arms & Ammo manufacturing units of the Ordnance Factory Board-OFB). While in the Defence Production and Defence Sector he has worked in the Field Levels (manufacture of Arms & Ammunition) as well at Higher Echelons of Policy Formulation & Implementation.

In the Ordnance Factories (1986-2001) he worked in Manufacturing Plants of Artillery Guns and Artillery Shells besides Armed Forces Special Vehicles (Trucks, SUVs etc.). As Joint General Manager of Plant contributed substantially in indigenizing 155 mm shells (1999-2000) thus developing domestic capability for same in the Country at the critical juncture of Kargil Operations. Was awarded the Best Production Manager award for same. Further handled Reconditioning and Retrofitting of complex Plant & Machinery for making Defence Equipment, thus saving lot of funds. 

As Director in the Ministry of Defence (2001-2004) he dealt with Capital Procurements (Acquisition) for Army, Tri Services issues, Cyber Security Policies, Union War Book, Training Institutions of Army (IMA, NDA, DSSC, Sainik Schools etc.) and other Areas. In 2001-02 he coordinated Ops Parakram (mobilization of Armed Forces to Western Borders) at MoD level. He had engaged with Pentagon in 2002 to conceptualize Indo US Cyber Security Cooperation and developed a roadmap for same. For first time in Ministry of Defence he conceptualized, formulated and issued delegation of Financial Powers in Capital Procurement to Armed Forces Headquarters. thus, commencing the process of financial empowerment of Armed Forces. In Capital Procurements he chaired more than 10 Contract Negotiations within his delegated Powers besides was part of higher Teams Negotiating major Defence Acquisitions.

He was the Private Secretary and Chief of Staff to the then Minister of Defence Officer, in the period (2004-2006) wherein had the opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of the entire defence and strategy sector at the highest level and was able to contribute to policy making and their monitoring and implementation. Participated in some of the major initiatives like New Framework for Indo US Defence Cooperation, Cooperation with Germany & France in Defence Sector (including Defence Production), Latin America. Participated in first revision of Defence Procurement Procedure in 2005, besides incorporating Defence Offsets, and Integrity Clause.

He was Officer on Special Duty to assist the External Affairs Minister in the period 2006-2009 and later the Finance Minister (2009-2012). - Assisted the Hon Minister on Inter-ministerial issues with focus on Defence Sector. Also assisted in matters of Group of Ministers (GOMs). 

Was Private Secretary (Chief of Staff in Personal Office) to the President of India (2012-2015) in the Joint Secretary rank. Dealt with issues of Governors, Parliament, Judiciary, Ceremonial, Armed Forces etc. The President is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces therefore had dealt with the issues concerning same and closely observed the functioning of Supreme Commander which is a unique learning as far as the Defence domain is concerned.

As Joint Secretary Border Management (BM) (2015-2018) in Min of Home Affairs (MHA) dealt with Land & Coastal Border- Policies, Operations, Surveillance, Infrastructure, Development and infusion of Technology aspects. Was instrumental in conceptualizing and implementation of Pilot Project of Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMS) on Pak Border in Jammu and Dhubri Assam, it is a Smart Fence with sensors, cameras etc. along with Command & Control system. Also initiated projects of ‘Holistic Development of Islands’ and ‘Induction of Space Tech. in Border Management’ which have been a sort of force multiplier for BM. Participated as Key Functionary in Border talks with China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar which were strategic level engagements.

As Senior Deputy Director General (AS level), Marketing of the OFB (2019-2020) dealt with Defence Exports and supply of Arms and Ammo to all Police Forces in the country.

Founder of Think Tank ‘Security And Policy Initiatives’(SAPI) working for absorption of Defence Transfer of Tech, Improvement of Border Management. 

He involved in the field of knowledge production in broad areas of Security and Public Policy with focus on Transfer of Technologies and Border Management. Harness new age technologies for betterment of Society and put India as a leader in these Technologies (AI, ML, Block Chain, VR, AR).

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